Monday, July 26, 2010

Wedding- We have progress!

Sooo, we've set a date for our wedding...the wedding discussion has popped up again, with much more enthusiasm this time as we have worked out how on earth we are to pay for it. So after a few discussions of what we want and should do, we realised we'd forgotten a step, set the date.

So on a whim over dinner one night, Mr in Wonderland decided that  22nd February 2012 was an auspicious day (his exact words, yes I laughed) and then it was done. Only thing is upon checking the day that this date falls on, we realised that it is a Wednesday, so wowee we are REALLY going non-traditional.

Now I'm a bit excited about this "Wednesday" thing because I'm thrilled with the idea of guests taking a few days off here and there over the week for lovely things like wine tours and long lunches, picnics, silly things and such and being able to have the celebration with friends and family last a lot longer than a day. It will be lovely weather after all.

Now I've been collecting pictures and ideas for a while now and a few things that I know I adore are vintage pretties and I love the DIY thing, that whimsical style of handmade treasures and the 'special-ness' that these bring. I like 'themes' of things or 'styles' of things. So look for ideas with these in mind.

Mr in Wonderland is a harder egg to crack as his tastes don't fall into 'themes' or 'styles', his likes and dislikes go on a single idea basis. Or so it seems, if he likes something, he often can't pinpoint why exactly so that probably makes it a bit harder to 'group' I suppose. One thing he has insisted on is that he wears shiny black leather shoes, also there's been some mention of bow ties and ninjas jumping out of soup and cutting bread with a sword! We both want a venue with charm and character, we've been looking at the old buildings around Perth (very conveniently most swing dancing events are held in them, hehe)
The small visual details I don't think interest him, but the details about guest interaction (which we've found some VERY sweet ideas, of which I'm keeping secret because I know you all read this, hehe) also the experiences and personal memory making stuff, and good food and wine, that's what he likes to plan. Which is great coz that's the good stuff :)  

Our "theme" I suppose would be Geek/Vintage which sounds a little odd, but from all my research, not that uncommon. So expect fun, coz I doubt either of us is worried about matching the same Pantone colour blue :)

I've made my bouquet...

and will be making my dress...

The girls will look something like this...(colour wise)

In this
Or this

We've thought of incorporating lego for ages...check these out!
Left 4 Dead custom mini-figs...even with zombies...oh man he's gonna LOVE these!!!
and for me...
Roman Holiday custom mini-fig :)

Ceremony to be somewhere like this...
Like this...look at the sign!

Reception something like this...

Hehe this is going to be fun!!!


  1. Oh my lord I can not wait!!! It is going to be the most fabulous week!

    I meant to mention the other day too, even though I'm way over here and heaven knows where I'll be closer to the date, I am completely and utterly happy to help with anything you may need help with. I am quite a good heart cutter outer-er, or snowflake cutter outer-er :-) Anything you need, just say the word.



    I wonder if you can do BOTH at the same time :)
    This excites me