Friday, February 18, 2011

What to wear to deliver papers

I got my new paper round...I have 375 houses to deliver to. Did you know that folding 375 papers and putting three pamplets inside each one before you fold it, takes a bloody long time? well I didn't. I do now!
They delivered them in a big pile downstairs, so instead of hauling them all back upstairs and then lugging them down when they were folded...I bought down a nice cushy 50's wool blanket, a big bottle of water and got stuck into it in the cool (well cooler than out in the weather) of my neighbours parking spot/garage-y thingy (he works away, I had free reign) :)

I was black from head to toe, mostly my hands from folding, but then you get an itch and it was hot and sweaty, so you can imagine, I put newspaper print ink, ALL over myself. :)

It's nice to wander and deliver them though, I look at everyone's garden, eyeing off the pink frangipani trees that I'm going to ask ever-so-politely for a piece...and geraniums. Because it's an area where people most have their houses designed by archetects instead of bought from a plan, it's quite interesting to see what people do with the shape of a block or to fit in a boat, or have built after knocking down two houses. :) There's some very clever designs, it gives me lots of great ideas for when we renovate our old house....when we find it!

So this is what you wear to deliver papers...
Playsuit-bought second hand from the "Thursday Night Swing" stalls formally "The Leedy Hop" for $5!!
Pink belt- Alannah Hill Outlet store $2
Cherry lace Singlet- Just Jeans Outlet Store Harbourtown $5
Pink patent ballet flats- Melville swap meet $3
Art deco style wool fascinator- by me Ashliegh in Wonderland :)
Pfft, haha isn't this the bargain hunters outfit!
Alvin (the neighbour's kitty and Charlie's best friend) wanted in on the photo action.
Oh yeah and I cut off all of hair, gotta get me onto some pin-curl action and make those curls REALLY springy! :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Margaret River Swing Camp 2011

Ok so I'm naughty and didn't blog when I said I would but I've been very much one for procrastination at the moment, I don't know why but geez I'm determined to cut it out because it is definitely annoying me. Well I better start hurrying up and blogging all the cool things that I've been up to or I'll be so far behind that I forget stuff...which last year I did a lot. The swing camp was very cool, just as last year we stayed in the bunk beds which in my opinion is the most fun. And each day we did a little bit more exploring than we did last year, heading out all over Margaret River and even a trip to Augusta because we were determined to find mini golf. Mind you the drive is 40mins, all in the name of mini golf but it was a pretty fun little adventure.
We had a "J" themed party...Leah's a jukebox and Nicoles a bag of jelly beans :)

My absolute favourite costume of the night was this one...Jiminy Cricket, brilliant! And that's Johnny Cash with my guitar :)

Haha here's our mini golf's seen better days, don't you think. We drove 40 minutes to get to it and then laughed. We had fun however, inside the shed is arcade games and a scelectric car set and the owner gave us a dollar each to play a game and lots of time on the cars, nice bloke :)

LOOK!!! The chairs I have been after for my fifties table, I swear if we had the room in the car I would have haggled for these :)

Tammy being held hostage by a creepy pelican

From there we set off on more adventures, Googling what to do in Augusta and Cape Leeuwin, guess what is in Cape Leeuwin?  A lighthouse, guess what else?....not much. So with really only one option we headed up the coast to look at the lighthouse...oh my the Australian coast is just breathtakingly beautiful.
Crystal clear pool we waded in, this beach was FULL of perfectly rounded pebbles, it was beautiful.

On the coast walking over huge boulders

Unfortunately this doesn't capture the huge CAVERN these two are jumping over :)

Steven Mitchell asked me to sing with the band that night, which was a major highlight!!!

Wrapping up the camp, then on the way home we decided to stop in and see THESE!
This is Lakes Cave, that's water on the bottom and it reflects the formations, they drip into the water too creating ripples, just stunning.
As you can imagine it was a weekend of lots of dancing, but ofcourse I don't have photos of that because I was too busy dancing, SUCH a great weekend...don't know how we are going to top next year, seeing as we've seen everything that there is to do down to the tip of Cape Leeuwin (which is the place where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean btw). We might have to plan ahead a bit and visit a different town and convoy in a different direction completely :D

Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome New Year

Yes of late I have fallen off the face of the earth, we've had all sorts of shiz going on, from cancer to circus trapezing. I won't go too much into the bummer stuff, it's been crazy and it's not likely to stop anytime soon. Just know that I'll be posting as often as possible now that we're (kind of) back on track :)

So to catch up....hmm where to start

Our New Years was full of silliness as you would expect. Lots of friends and fun!
This is our set up for outside, loads of big wool blankets, candles, cushions and tissue paper flower decorations.

We played ping pong and because it's just no fun to play by the actual rules, we had beer pong (hence the cups in each corner) and a rule that you had to play with rediculous sight inhibating themed glasses on!

Poppers and sparklers...of which Emma set one of the pom poms on fire by accident which was HILARIOUS! Lucky the blankets are wool :)

A 'Happy New Year' Man Hug

These are the most tame photos of the night as it was pretty silly, the boys did some fabulous podium dancing (hilarious), I made my first batch of jelly shots which were a huge hit, some wang pong and 360 degree pong were invented amongst other rediculous stunts...most of us were staying the night to go to the beach the next day so we let our hair down to ring in the New Year :) It was a night of friends comfort and old fashioned childish games :) 

At the beach the next day...Dan decided to dig a big hole!

Yep a BIG hole!! Funny bugger! :)

So yeah that was our New Years Eve and day...I post about this years Margaret River Swing (dancing) Camp tomorrow :)