Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Hullabaloo Dress...

Well considering I'm now having a Disney themed birthday party in 12 days with no set venue, a dress to "make" for Hullabaloo AND the first installment of my NLP training I think I may have my work cut out for me for the next month!

Having said that...thinking of each of these things has me bubbling up with excitement beyond anything you can imagine, I could EXPLODE!!!

I have bought a cute little 40's-esque dress from eBay, of which I hope will meet my expectations...it apparently has little white spots (sucker for spots!) and judging from those gorgeous cuff sleeves I will like it very much...
Now for my gripe....of course I enquired as to why postage for an under 500g item would be over $10 in which they have responded the extra is for packing and handling.  To which I have asked that they kindly simply shove it in a regular pre-paid post bag and stick in a red box on their way to somewhere else as one would do without expecting $5.00 dollars, apparently the amount isn't negotiable...no worries, neither is your feedback!

On another note my ball dress shall be arriving soon, which shall be the bones of my re-creation!
Here it is... it is simple, now....

My inspiration for it's recreation...here!
I haven't referenced these pics, just quickly pulled them aside for my inspiration in haste and excitement, so I couldn't tell you where I found them....ummmaaaah! I know!

I have been busily mucking around with tulle, organza and those fabulous fabric yo-yo making contraptions in different sizes (which are definitely worth buying btw) to get a head start for when it arrives...which if my calculations are correct, express postage on Thursday should mean tomorrow (I hoped it would mean today but sadly, no parcel awaiting my arrival home from work). I'll keep you posted on the process...let the tantrums begin! :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where the Weird Things Are....

Alright, alright so for the last week and a bit I've done a right shocker of a job keeping up with posts. I've been rather unwell for the last two weeks, no dancing, lots of flat lemonade and dosed to the eyeballs for allergies and tummy bugs...so it's been one fun ride!!!
I'm not one to give in to bugs so each night I got all excited and said to Mr in Wonderland "Let's go dancing!!", of which he so tenderly put it "Babe, you look sick, go back to bed".

 "But i'm not, I'm NOT, Ouch, aahh my head, alright I am, I'm going to bed"

So yesterday was a day for..."Things I've been meaning to do for ages...that you remember to do only when your sick in bed"...

Firstly I FINALLY re-lined the shelves in my 1950's kitchenette. This checker board lino I've had aside for probably 5 years now awaiting the day that it would look oh so fabulous inside those pretty pink doors.

Without having to do a before and after pic, this was the lino before, use your imagination...it looked yuk!
I used the old pieces as a template, traced around, cut it out...it took all of about 20 minutes, which is kind of funny seeing as it took me five years and 20mins :)
Cutting out the pieces
And "Taaa-ddddaaaaa"!!! This little spot will now house all of my sewing bit and bobs currently taking over the dining room!

I extended on my collection of retro plastic flowers with these little treasures, $2 still in the box, BARGAIN! They were going to be chopped up and made into a 50's style fascinator, but now I kind of like them, as is, AND I've found a spot for them...

Because I have been re-arranging some bits and bobs...
These tulip are glass and belonged to my great-grandmother, Bena. I've done a bit of research on these trying to find some more because they are stunning in person, also they come in ones that are bent down and thought they'd look sweet...they are made in Germany in the 20's/30's and you could originally purchase them from Coles and Woolworth's type stores. I've also read that they were made by prisoners during the second world war. Also that now they are worth a small fortune so I will be quite happy settling for the little collection that I have now :)
Weird kitsch 50's vase ($4 from the RSPCA shop) now housing my mid-century knitting needle collection...
my old Royal Show dolly in a vase filled with Bakelite button and thimbles...
Ruby red, baby blue, cream and pink buttons, these will be in my wedding bouquet, most of these are my grandmother's and great grandmother's.
And the finished product! Mr in Wonderland's response..."cool all your crazy things"...to which I reply "hehe yeah!"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lindy in Lancelin

Here's some photos from our road trip to Lancelin for a weekend of Lindy!
The boys on arrival...already trying to hurt each other :)

Wandering from the lodge to the tavern to all meet up

Arrival drinks at the Tavern

Being coy with my beer

A night of dancing in the hall

Lovely live tunes

DJ Kitty Kat

Having a boogie with Mr Best

Asseel, Emma, Myself and Lauren

isn't this venue just honey?!

Mr in Wonderland doing a terrible job of being a lady!

Mindy displaying our breakfast of fairy cakes, raspberries and cream aaaah delicious

Hanging out by the pool

Back to the Tavern for some lunch and a brew...this is when I have first heard of this concept "the Lindy Bomb" or "Lindy-bombing" LOL, it's when you get up and take over a venue by dancing...we took over the grass and danced the pants off Hound Dog!

Miss Kitty Kat, using Nutella as a supplement for lip gloss!

Shannan seriously enjoying his burger!

Mr in Wonderland looking FABULOUS darling!

About to go 4wd-ing through the dunes

in a children's clam shell pool! LOL Go Emma!

Patching the clam

Mr Best

The clam finally dies, trying the cushions :)

The boys standing in from of the massive drop they went down in the 4WD...

Paul needing his brown pants...

All hands on deck, bogged 50m from the trip back...to the chassis, nice!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mr in Wonderland's New Smile

I have to put this up because it has been SO wonderful.

Mr in Wonderland has been anxious about smiling since he was 10 years old. We met briefly at 8, then became friends at 15 years later in high school, I have always remembered this to be a big issue for him. Kids are cruel, I can only imagine what 5 years of primary school tormenting, plus your own insecurities can do for a boy...not to mention high school, where it only gets worse!

Mr in Wonderland had asthma as a child, through the necessary use of his puffer, he damaged the nerves in his teeth, discolouring them.

Now Mr in Wonderland has one of those great smiles, the kind that take up their whole face, the kind that make you smile too even when you don't feel like smiling. He also has an amazingly contagious laugh and is one of those people who makes the most mundane activity fun.

The most wonderful thing has happened for him, after finally gathering enough bravery to visit the dentist to see what will need to be done, his Godparents have offered to pay for new porcelain crowns. The first part of the process was a lengthy one with them doing all the moulds and preparation, his Godmother and I cringed during each step, while Mr in Wonderland was cool as a cucumber, cracking jokes the entire time as is his way.

On the drive home I glanced over at him, he was quiet with a smile on his face and tears in his eyes...this meant the world to him.

Thank you so very, very much Kim and Anaza, you have made this amazing young man go from this...

To THIS........

This weekend has been awesome...the man has come to life. I know only bigger and better will follow.