Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lindy in Lancelin

Here's some photos from our road trip to Lancelin for a weekend of Lindy!
The boys on arrival...already trying to hurt each other :)

Wandering from the lodge to the tavern to all meet up

Arrival drinks at the Tavern

Being coy with my beer

A night of dancing in the hall

Lovely live tunes

DJ Kitty Kat

Having a boogie with Mr Best

Asseel, Emma, Myself and Lauren

isn't this venue just honey?!

Mr in Wonderland doing a terrible job of being a lady!

Mindy displaying our breakfast of fairy cakes, raspberries and cream aaaah delicious

Hanging out by the pool

Back to the Tavern for some lunch and a brew...this is when I have first heard of this concept "the Lindy Bomb" or "Lindy-bombing" LOL, it's when you get up and take over a venue by dancing...we took over the grass and danced the pants off Hound Dog!

Miss Kitty Kat, using Nutella as a supplement for lip gloss!

Shannan seriously enjoying his burger!

Mr in Wonderland looking FABULOUS darling!

About to go 4wd-ing through the dunes

in a children's clam shell pool! LOL Go Emma!

Patching the clam

Mr Best

The clam finally dies, trying the cushions :)

The boys standing in from of the massive drop they went down in the 4WD...

Paul needing his brown pants...

All hands on deck, bogged 50m from the trip the chassis, nice!


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