Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ahhh BRAIN hurts!

Forgive my Super indulgent post today ("Super indulgent" as most of my posts, or the way I approach life in general, tend to be self-indulgent lol) but my mind is stocked FULL of so much stuff I just can't make heads or tails of what to do next!

Sooooo I have a very LARGE "To Do" list of which I have been stressing over and as a result, today I am exhausted!. Really what I am going to do is break down the things that need to be done into smaller "do-able" chunks, instead of leaving them as a large stress-inducing mass that will in the end make them unachievable.
Really I have been trying to get the simplest of things done:
1) Put together Rubix cube themed outfit: I'll explain for those playing at home- One must arrive wearing an article of clothing for each colour of each side of a rubix cube, apon arrival each person is given a card with a single colour on it, the object of the game is to swap clothing with other guests until you are only in the colour of your card...AWESOME huh? This party is also "Idiocy themed" so think games to send your inner child is going to be SO much fun...that is if I could only get my s#@$ together and get an outfit over and done with so I can begin to focus on all the fun it's going to be! :)
2) Lindy in Lancelin: The afternoon after this party we are car pooling off to Lancelin for the night of dancing and fun! Tomorrow I shall organise the details of accommodation etc then again, focus on the fun it shall be!

3) Saving for Hullabaloo- Plus working out what-on-earth I will be wearing to an "Old Hollywood" themed ball...don't get me wrong this theme excites me to no end and with a large budget I do not doubt my abilities to find something truly fabulous, but this will also mean I will need to get some stuff up on eBay quick smart :)

4) The never ending knowledge that this little apartment is storing WAY too much stuff...I REALLY will go insane looking at it I will do the simple, NOT overwealming task of putting it into piles- eBay, etsy, to take to the girls at work, to give to Mr in Wonderland's Mummy to go to swap-meet. And begin to get it OUT!!!

5) Get my garden finished, the very lovely Sarj aka Her Travel Romance will be hosting a fabulous garden party in our garden in pot plants need re-potting, grass needs fertilizing, all of my 50's iron garden d├ęcor needs a good painting, just generally doing all of the things that I've been meaning to do since we moved in :)

Wow now that I've written that all down and it is no longer having fisticuffs with other thoughts in my brain, it all seems rather manageable...well I better get to it. NOW I'm excited this next week is going to be AWESOME!!!!!


  1. You will get there! One stop op-shop will take care or the rubiks situation and I'm definitely available for helping get ready for my own party!

    Meanwhile, you *must* go here:

    This wedding is right up your ally!

    Oh - and PS - will be needing your help with that theme for hullabaloo as well!!


    P.S. If you can think of any games, suggestions would definitely be appreciated. I'm thinking the game where you have to take spoonfuls of flour off the pile without moving the strawberry, or you get yor face smooshed in it.

    And maybe musical chairs? Variations would also be cool. Musical drinks?