Thursday, March 4, 2010

Smiley Swan Valley

Today I went out to the very lovely Swan Valley with an even lovelier bunch of friends. We started with lunch at Mash Brewery, then wine tasting, rum tasting and then finished with milkshakes, hot chocolates and cakes with an impromptu game of cricket on the grass outside the Chocolate factory. As always lengthy discussions of rediculousness and today even an accidental girl/girl punch in the face, which is always fun :) What a way to spend the day!

The Awesome (as his shirt would suggest), Mr Best
The Darling Kat- she packs a punch :)
The Gorgeous Jake with armfuls of delights!
The other cheeky buggers wouldn't let me take their pictures :(
And some final shots because I finally was able to get my, usually non-compliant, hair into a 60's beehive up-do (to match my vintage 60's dress), this momentous occasion (for me) had to be captured! And also because this dress is a very little size 10, it only fits me once in a blue moon, this outfit may never, ever happen again! lol Especially if I have chocolate eclairs for breakfast like I did this morning! Umaaah!
 Dress: original 60's linen dress from a swap meet
Bag- Spencer and Rutherford
Shoes-Marc Jacobs mouse flats
Hair clip- Alannah Hill
photo taken by the lovely Mr Best!


  1. That was in no way an accidental punch, you know it was on purpose!

  2. Oh you wore the dress! Love it!

  3. Lauren, come here let me accidentally punch you too hehe

    Oh i FIT the dress, hooray! :)