Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where the Weird Things Are....

Alright, alright so for the last week and a bit I've done a right shocker of a job keeping up with posts. I've been rather unwell for the last two weeks, no dancing, lots of flat lemonade and dosed to the eyeballs for allergies and tummy it's been one fun ride!!!
I'm not one to give in to bugs so each night I got all excited and said to Mr in Wonderland "Let's go dancing!!", of which he so tenderly put it "Babe, you look sick, go back to bed".

 "But i'm not, I'm NOT, Ouch, aahh my head, alright I am, I'm going to bed"

So yesterday was a day for..."Things I've been meaning to do for ages...that you remember to do only when your sick in bed"...

Firstly I FINALLY re-lined the shelves in my 1950's kitchenette. This checker board lino I've had aside for probably 5 years now awaiting the day that it would look oh so fabulous inside those pretty pink doors.

Without having to do a before and after pic, this was the lino before, use your looked yuk!
I used the old pieces as a template, traced around, cut it took all of about 20 minutes, which is kind of funny seeing as it took me five years and 20mins :)
Cutting out the pieces
And "Taaa-ddddaaaaa"!!! This little spot will now house all of my sewing bit and bobs currently taking over the dining room!

I extended on my collection of retro plastic flowers with these little treasures, $2 still in the box, BARGAIN! They were going to be chopped up and made into a 50's style fascinator, but now I kind of like them, as is, AND I've found a spot for them...

Because I have been re-arranging some bits and bobs...
These tulip are glass and belonged to my great-grandmother, Bena. I've done a bit of research on these trying to find some more because they are stunning in person, also they come in ones that are bent down and thought they'd look sweet...they are made in Germany in the 20's/30's and you could originally purchase them from Coles and Woolworth's type stores. I've also read that they were made by prisoners during the second world war. Also that now they are worth a small fortune so I will be quite happy settling for the little collection that I have now :)
Weird kitsch 50's vase ($4 from the RSPCA shop) now housing my mid-century knitting needle collection...
my old Royal Show dolly in a vase filled with Bakelite button and thimbles...
Ruby red, baby blue, cream and pink buttons, these will be in my wedding bouquet, most of these are my grandmother's and great grandmother's.
And the finished product! Mr in Wonderland's response..."cool all your crazy things" which I reply "hehe yeah!"

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