Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Hullabaloo Dress...

Well considering I'm now having a Disney themed birthday party in 12 days with no set venue, a dress to "make" for Hullabaloo AND the first installment of my NLP training I think I may have my work cut out for me for the next month!

Having said that...thinking of each of these things has me bubbling up with excitement beyond anything you can imagine, I could EXPLODE!!!

I have bought a cute little 40's-esque dress from eBay, of which I hope will meet my expectations...it apparently has little white spots (sucker for spots!) and judging from those gorgeous cuff sleeves I will like it very much...
Now for my gripe....of course I enquired as to why postage for an under 500g item would be over $10 in which they have responded the extra is for packing and handling.  To which I have asked that they kindly simply shove it in a regular pre-paid post bag and stick in a red box on their way to somewhere else as one would do without expecting $5.00 dollars, apparently the amount isn't negotiable...no worries, neither is your feedback!

On another note my ball dress shall be arriving soon, which shall be the bones of my re-creation!
Here it is... it is simple, now....

My inspiration for it's recreation...here!
I haven't referenced these pics, just quickly pulled them aside for my inspiration in haste and excitement, so I couldn't tell you where I found them....ummmaaaah! I know!

I have been busily mucking around with tulle, organza and those fabulous fabric yo-yo making contraptions in different sizes (which are definitely worth buying btw) to get a head start for when it arrives...which if my calculations are correct, express postage on Thursday should mean tomorrow (I hoped it would mean today but sadly, no parcel awaiting my arrival home from work). I'll keep you posted on the process...let the tantrums begin! :)

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