Thursday, June 2, 2011

Girly Girl Sneakers

Now my world has been frantic since starting my full time job, plus two catalogue delivery runs and dancing stuff so yeah wooo crazy. Having said that I have quite a lot of energy compared to when I worked before it seems. I credit it to the Paleolithic diet we have now and some cool pro biotic that we are trying out. We've been trying out all sorts of weird and wonderful things based on the researching of Mr in Wonderland. The past week we have been using coconut oil instead of olive oil for cooking because apparently you shouldn't cook olive oil at high temperatures. It comes in a tub and tastes like that chocolate "Summer Roll", and strangely enough is very tasty with scrambled eggs :/

So back to my you guys know I love my pink...and pink and red colour combos make me swoon. Well I've come across Valentine's Day themed kicks by Nike. Apparently each Valentine's season they bring out a limited edition PINK and RED!!! One pair even has red and white embroidered polka dots. I have no idea why I hadn't seen these earlier! So seriously these are the go for the gym frequenting girly girl. Ebay would be my first hunt for past season styles, but there's also plenty of websites selling them. Check them out!
And I'm now the proud new owner of THESE from eBay...They are Air Force 1 Valentine's edition, I love the pale pink, candy pink and cherry, the contrast stitching on each section and red soles! LOVE LOVE LOVE, I can't wait for them to arrive now! :)