Monday, January 10, 2011


Just thought I'd give you a bit of a sneak peek at all of the buttons from Melbourne...this is the smallest bag that I bought home, the colours are so pretty and all of them are the "pressed" style, so bows and florals and oh-so many pretty designs, enjoy!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Belated Christmas 2010

Well I hope you had a very Merry Christmas... ours was particularly vintage-y, as you would suspect :)
The weekend before Christmas we went to swapmeet to sell away some of our clutter. Boxes and boxes of stuff in storage are now gone, hooray!
Plus, very proudly I only came home with these...

Toadstool cushions, which the red and duck egg blue goes PERFECTLY with the colours of the vintage hankie cushion, that and the grass rug, bunnies and birds all about the place...toadstools in the grass, very cool!

You know my obsession with plastic flowers, these could never be passed up...they were $2 for the bunch.

Cute red jelly shoes...$2

30's/40's Green Pyrex dish...$2, I also got a couple of white Pyrex type dishes with red strawberries on them...the beginning of a very pretty Pyrex collection :)

Vintage Tupperware coasters...$2, also the beginning of my 60's Tupperware collection :)

AND a big stash of vintage Christmas from Mr in Wonderland's Mummy who we set up
next to, as well as the toadstools, they were from Mr in Wonderland's Aunty :)

LOVE these little elves, they are my favourite!
Notice the little angel at the black with her dicky eye, she looked a bit "Bride of Chucky" so I went to her with some sharpies :)
Not perfect, but definitely better, this way she won't come alive and get me in my sleep :)

We made a lot of our gifts, we have lots of garden-y people in our families so we gathered terracotta pots and did mosaic on them with old smashed up cups, saucers, plates, ramekins...all sorts of things we could find in a pretty design...sadly I was too busy stressing out  about getting them finished in time & forgot to photograph them, but I will try to photograph them all in their new homes...some have gone to accompany equally vintage-y surrounds :)

For my cousins I made cross-stitch kits with designs from Etsy. The lovely gal was very chuffed to know her designs were going all the way from Canada to Australia.
Steph is the most gorgeous geek ever, she's a kind of literary geek, especially when it comes to Harry when I saw this, PIXALIZED Harry Potter cross-stitch I just KNEW that she had to have it!
As much as Steph is obsessed with her books, Kate is obsessed with her BF :) So I got the lady to make a similar style based on photos I pinched from Facebook :)
I got a piece of card and hole-punched it to make the thread thingy, cut all the thread into the same length of a kit I own and thread it all through, based on approx how much would be needed, plus a bit just in case. I cut Aida cloth to size and cut a pack of needles in half so that they had three each (coz I always lose the bloody things) and took a baby bulldog clip to attach them to the cloth. I bought two pretty turquoise embroidery hoops and put it all in a brown paper bag with raffia handles, cut square of Christmas wrapping paper and taped it to the front, then tied it shut with a red ribbon.
Here's my mess as I cut, coloured, thread and measured...

That afternoon Steph sent me a message saying she had finished one leg, under the watchful eye of my Nanna, which is AWESOME! My Nanna also taught me to cross-stitch, and knit, long-stitch and a million other crafty things which i now LOVE! I have such fond memories of that, I'm really glad that it continues.

This year we put up the tree after finding all of the vintage decorations that I've always's my fav's...
These balls would have been silver about 50 years ago, now they are speckley in silver, clear and pearl white...I love them!

Here's the tree...
Charlie helping

These baubles below always get hung some where...they're retro style ones that I bought years ago from Bed, Bath and table...they say Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings and Christmas Cake :)
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!