Wednesday, February 24, 2010

J'Adore Cath Kidston

Oh my how I love Cath Kidston, her designs are so bright and happy. I just went on her website to register to get the new Spring catalogue sent out to me! I have some of her older catalogues and they are totally swoonworthy plus great for inspiration...I got mine from eBay for WAY more than I should have paid so I won't disclose that information. I only wish that stores would open in Australia. They have stores in England, Ireland and Japan, so if your over and white polka dots, the blue cowboy print or the strawberries are my favs! :) I often go into Store in Fremantle or Corner Store in Nedlands if I find something that I just HAVE to have!
The lovely lady herself, surrounded by her cheery prints!
Look at her stores, see I've got such a thing for red and baby blue!

Red and blue again! That tablecloth is from one of her can applique it yourself, loving the mismatched chairs and that blue jug...
This lovely little picture reminds me of something...

AND the website is overwhelmingly enticing...
For a while now I've been wanting that red and white polka dot oilcloth...I'd like to make those armchair protector things to go over the arms of our sofa where Charlie "the grubby cat" sits. Also to catch my slops should I wish to spill juice all over the place again.
You can visit her website here...
Ahhh I'll be anxiously awaiting that catalogue....:)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Woundings and Weddings!

Because I've hurt my knee being too "gung ho" and not paying attention to what I'm doing at work and then come have home and spilt juice on Mr in Wonderland (don't get me wrong, it was hilarious except that it almost hit his laptop)... I think my brain may be fried. You know those moments when you stop and think, "Man, I think my sub-concious is trying to get me to rest" days, I'm just too stubborn to listen, to the point that it must need to plot to "take me out". Once I was so tired, I fell down a step into our sunken lounge room, twisted my ankle and proceeded to cry like a little girl. Adult bravery is no match for childlike pain response when needing a "nigh nigh's"! :)
So I'm sitting in my comfy blogging nook with my knee elevated, lathered in arnica, awaiting processed treats from the oven and a pre-packaged salad (so I don't have to be long on my feet for it to swell again).

I found this picture in my travels, the yellow one is the style that I want my wedding white. I'd like pink but Mr in Wonderland's logic is that I can "wear a big pink puffy dress whenever I like, but white makes it special"!

I only wish that they still cost $25 like in the advertisement! The last one I was eyeing off on eBay in the most beautiful lilac went off for $800, still that is a cheap wedding dress I suppose! I've gone around to the stores but they don't have the shorter length (without $40 an hour alterations and who wants to buy a gorgeous dress then cut it in half?) or anything really close to the I know what tulle COSTS so I wonder how they make up the $4000 with $100 worth of tulle?
...And yes I want to look like a big, dolly toilet roll cover from the 50's/60's!

While I'm on the subject of baby sister is freshly engaged! I'm anxious to see what her ideas are, as she's though mine are completely INSANE :)
She likes understated, classy and smart, where I like flashy, bright and kitch, when I asked if she'd wear a dress similar to the one above as a bridesmaid, she almost died! hehe
My other sister has decided she doesn't want to wear a dress at all, she'll be donning a fabulous 40's styled suit instead.

To get an idea of our different styles...

Sister in Wonderland's ring...

My ring...

Sister in Wonderland out on the town...

Ashliegh in Wonderland, well about to to go out on the town...
Actually the three of us have something in common that won't change...we love to be silly!

Congratulations Erin and Dan!!! Lots of love xxx

Friday, February 19, 2010

I Made This For You......

I've been telling so many people about these gorgeous little bloggings!
Stephan and Shauna from Somethings Hiding in There have a little feature on Poppytalk called I Made This For You. They are quite the crafty couple and come up with different crafty and caring things to make for each other. These things are so cheap and easy to do, yet so heart-warming and lovely.... so check out I Made This For You, you'll love it!
My favourite: The paper cup fence message and the tags for the plaid shirts, SO cute!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Shopping expedition

Beaufort street Perth runs from Northbridge in the city centre out to Bedford, I often drive past many fabulous looking little stores on my way to get to my Mum's house (and always on a Sunday when these little stores are closed) :(
On my day off I was determined to see inside these places I had admired as they quickly flashed past the car...
First place that I stopped was 476 Beaufort St, Highgate, Russell's Emporium, which is an antique store PACKED full of goodies....though it was GONE, it is now a florist...
It's just like when you say "I don't believe in fairies", a fairy dies...when you believe antiques and collectables are dusty old antique store dies :(

Though I did spy across the street an intriguing little place called Behind the Monkey, now this place place looked like the inside of my house, retro meets the weird and wonderful. The front is full of the most amazing jewellery, I fell in love with a necklace of an elderly couple sitting on a park bench...about the size of my fingertip.
As you step into the hall, in my where the magic begins...artworks line the walls, the walls themselves are a masterpiece all of their own, with vintage wallpaper, decoupaged pages from old books and little painted silhouettes of fairy tale stories over the top...hard to explain you really must see for yourself! I'm dying to find a way we can do something like it in our apartment! There are three more rooms, filled with retro bits and bobs, furniture, lamps, artwork.
I stopped in at the new Empire, which is a much more decadent wander than the store they had in Osborne Park. As you go up the wide, blue staircase there is a giant fish tank, I'm sold! Plus a long line of the most gorgeous little ceramic WHITE RABBITS! Empire is where I find inspiration as their range is very modern quirky meets vintage, which I LOVE, as you know! 

Then I went off to Oxford st in Leederville. One of the stores, Varga Girl, I instantly fell in love with, again a store where modern kitsch meets vintage. Plus they had a Hills Hoist clothes line in the middle of the store and the most fabulous 50's concrete swan planters greeting you at the entrance! 

There is a cafe with the entire roof covered in paper lanterns, SO will be going there on our next outing.
I found Alice in Wonderland brooches, a cute little display in a bookshop window with faux grass and a gnome,ahhh my favourite! Oh AND I finally tried on a pair of those amazing Melissa/Vivienne Westwood HEART heels! These babies smell like sweet bubblegum so strongly you can smell it out the door of the store...  Swoon!
I've just GOT to get myself one of those swans...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines Day everybody.
You'd think that given the opportunity to be all cutesy and flowery and lovey dovey, that I'd be right on top of that. Well, nope. Mr in Wonderland only realised it was Valentines Day this Sunday when I mentioned it Friday. His response and a cheeky grin, "Woops, Have you bought me anything"..."Because I want shin pads" haha How romantic! Then after that I went off this morning to the markets, only later to receive a text "Will you be my Valentine?" Woops I'd forgotten! :)
hehe we're as bad as each other!

Nah we sat together on the balcony reading books and eating lunch and we have planned to go and watch "Up in the Air" at Luna Outdoor cinema, aaah stars, deckchairs, wine and cheese, and I'm a happy lass!

I will do one thing though...

Mr in Wonderland, I know you read this blog, and because I'm too unorganised to put a message in the newspaper (The thought was there, pfft really I've been "going to" every year for the past 10)
I want to tell you that life is shiny when your around :) To think that I get to spend forever being silly will you, makes me wake up each day with a smile and plan the future with unbridled enthusiasm.
I know I must often drive you crazy with my eccentricities but you always treat me with care, love and patience, that can't always be easy :)
You are strong and wise, forever growing, learning and changing and I love to hear your stories, shares your ideas and grow with's a trait you possess that I respect and admire. 
You are also a complete wally, which I adore the most, whether it's making up songs for Charlie as you feed him, wandering around half the shopping centre before I look down and find you haven't any shoes on, or declaring to your colleagues that your pet name is "poo face", we make fun out of the dullest of situations and  I know that this will never really are my best friend...I love you so very, very much!! 
Your crazy in the bean fiancée, Ashliegh xxx

 Now Mid-Century Valentines bound to work in a modern context....these are a hoot!

Because nothing says romance like...
"You run, I'll shoot"
"I'm completely spine-less..."

"Tie me up"...
animal cruelty...
eating cutesy baby cow...
children with giant knives...
hit and run...
love heart shaped STD's...
suggestive thermometers...
This one says "What every girl should know,
How to cook and sew,
Day by I'm trying to earn,
Your deep affection
"Sew" why can't you learn? speaks for itself!
"Your frigid, be my Valentine"...
domestic violence...
inappropriate rockets...

Hope you have a great Valentines Day...enjoy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Outfit of the Day

Outfit of the Day

Top- Portmans T-shirt, "up-cycled" by me!
Skirt- Cue or Veronica Maine (I forget, same company anyway)
Shoes-op shop find
I had quite a few girls on my shopping travels comment on this outfit and ask me where I got my reply "a gorgeous little online designer called Ashliegh in Wonderland" hehe cheeky!