Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Woundings and Weddings!

Because I've hurt my knee being too "gung ho" and not paying attention to what I'm doing at work and then come have home and spilt juice on Mr in Wonderland (don't get me wrong, it was hilarious except that it almost hit his laptop)... I think my brain may be fried. You know those moments when you stop and think, "Man, I think my sub-concious is trying to get me to rest" days, I'm just too stubborn to listen, to the point that it must need to plot to "take me out". Once I was so tired, I fell down a step into our sunken lounge room, twisted my ankle and proceeded to cry like a little girl. Adult bravery is no match for childlike pain response when needing a "nigh nigh's"! :)
So I'm sitting in my comfy blogging nook with my knee elevated, lathered in arnica, awaiting processed treats from the oven and a pre-packaged salad (so I don't have to be long on my feet for it to swell again).

I found this picture in my travels, the yellow one is the style that I want my wedding dress...in white. I'd like pink but Mr in Wonderland's logic is that I can "wear a big pink puffy dress whenever I like, but white makes it special"!

I only wish that they still cost $25 like in the advertisement! The last one I was eyeing off on eBay in the most beautiful lilac went off for $800, still that is a cheap wedding dress I suppose! I've gone around to the stores but they don't have the shorter length (without $40 an hour alterations and who wants to buy a gorgeous dress then cut it in half?) or anything really close to the style...plus I know what tulle COSTS so I wonder how they make up the $4000 with $100 worth of tulle?
...And yes I want to look like a big, dolly toilet roll cover from the 50's/60's!

While I'm on the subject of weddings...my baby sister is freshly engaged! I'm anxious to see what her ideas are, as she's though mine are completely INSANE :)
She likes understated, classy and smart, where I like flashy, bright and kitch, when I asked if she'd wear a dress similar to the one above as a bridesmaid, she almost died! hehe
My other sister has decided she doesn't want to wear a dress at all, she'll be donning a fabulous 40's styled suit instead.

To get an idea of our different styles...

Sister in Wonderland's ring...

My ring...

Sister in Wonderland out on the town...

Ashliegh in Wonderland, well about to to go out on the town...
Actually the three of us have something in common that won't change...we love to be silly!

Congratulations Erin and Dan!!! Lots of love xxx

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  1. Oh our little girl is all growed up :) And yes the silly-ness is something that I utterly adore about you 3 girls !!!!