Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines Day everybody.
You'd think that given the opportunity to be all cutesy and flowery and lovey dovey, that I'd be right on top of that. Well, nope. Mr in Wonderland only realised it was Valentines Day this Sunday when I mentioned it Friday. His response and a cheeky grin, "Woops, Have you bought me anything"..."Because I want shin pads" haha How romantic! Then after that I went off this morning to the markets, only later to receive a text "Will you be my Valentine?" Woops I'd forgotten! :)
hehe we're as bad as each other!

Nah we sat together on the balcony reading books and eating lunch and we have planned to go and watch "Up in the Air" at Luna Outdoor cinema, aaah stars, deckchairs, wine and cheese, and I'm a happy lass!

I will do one thing though...

Mr in Wonderland, I know you read this blog, and because I'm too unorganised to put a message in the newspaper (The thought was there, pfft really I've been "going to" every year for the past 10)
I want to tell you that life is shiny when your around :) To think that I get to spend forever being silly will you, makes me wake up each day with a smile and plan the future with unbridled enthusiasm.
I know I must often drive you crazy with my eccentricities but you always treat me with care, love and patience, that can't always be easy :)
You are strong and wise, forever growing, learning and changing and I love to hear your stories, shares your ideas and grow with's a trait you possess that I respect and admire. 
You are also a complete wally, which I adore the most, whether it's making up songs for Charlie as you feed him, wandering around half the shopping centre before I look down and find you haven't any shoes on, or declaring to your colleagues that your pet name is "poo face", we make fun out of the dullest of situations and  I know that this will never really are my best friend...I love you so very, very much!! 
Your crazy in the bean fiancée, Ashliegh xxx

 Now Mid-Century Valentines bound to work in a modern context....these are a hoot!

Because nothing says romance like...
"You run, I'll shoot"
"I'm completely spine-less..."

"Tie me up"...
animal cruelty...
eating cutesy baby cow...
children with giant knives...
hit and run...
love heart shaped STD's...
suggestive thermometers...
This one says "What every girl should know,
How to cook and sew,
Day by I'm trying to earn,
Your deep affection
"Sew" why can't you learn? speaks for itself!
"Your frigid, be my Valentine"...
domestic violence...
inappropriate rockets...

Hope you have a great Valentines Day...enjoy!


  1. Happy Valentines Day schnookums! Hope the wine + cheese + outdoor cinema = awesome :-)

  2. A&A I had the pleasure of being there at the very start of this beautiful relationship and have watched it grow into the most honest and true soon to be marriage :) even though we don’t see each other as much as we should , we love you guys and always will . I can’t imaging 2 people who are a better fit for each other then you guys.

    Happy valentine’s day.

    R, L ,C & S

  3. Thanks Sarj...It sure did=awesome! We had our little 50's picnic set...PLUS they had free icecream, wine and a Baci for Valentines, HOORAY!!!

    Lauren,oh honey your a treasure, love you muchly!! Yeah we gotta get this wedding thing under way, we keep spending our savings on trips and dancing :) xxx