Monday, February 15, 2010

Shopping expedition

Beaufort street Perth runs from Northbridge in the city centre out to Bedford, I often drive past many fabulous looking little stores on my way to get to my Mum's house (and always on a Sunday when these little stores are closed) :(
On my day off I was determined to see inside these places I had admired as they quickly flashed past the car...
First place that I stopped was 476 Beaufort St, Highgate, Russell's Emporium, which is an antique store PACKED full of goodies....though it was GONE, it is now a florist...
It's just like when you say "I don't believe in fairies", a fairy dies...when you believe antiques and collectables are dusty old antique store dies :(

Though I did spy across the street an intriguing little place called Behind the Monkey, now this place place looked like the inside of my house, retro meets the weird and wonderful. The front is full of the most amazing jewellery, I fell in love with a necklace of an elderly couple sitting on a park bench...about the size of my fingertip.
As you step into the hall, in my where the magic begins...artworks line the walls, the walls themselves are a masterpiece all of their own, with vintage wallpaper, decoupaged pages from old books and little painted silhouettes of fairy tale stories over the top...hard to explain you really must see for yourself! I'm dying to find a way we can do something like it in our apartment! There are three more rooms, filled with retro bits and bobs, furniture, lamps, artwork.
I stopped in at the new Empire, which is a much more decadent wander than the store they had in Osborne Park. As you go up the wide, blue staircase there is a giant fish tank, I'm sold! Plus a long line of the most gorgeous little ceramic WHITE RABBITS! Empire is where I find inspiration as their range is very modern quirky meets vintage, which I LOVE, as you know! 

Then I went off to Oxford st in Leederville. One of the stores, Varga Girl, I instantly fell in love with, again a store where modern kitsch meets vintage. Plus they had a Hills Hoist clothes line in the middle of the store and the most fabulous 50's concrete swan planters greeting you at the entrance! 

There is a cafe with the entire roof covered in paper lanterns, SO will be going there on our next outing.
I found Alice in Wonderland brooches, a cute little display in a bookshop window with faux grass and a gnome,ahhh my favourite! Oh AND I finally tried on a pair of those amazing Melissa/Vivienne Westwood HEART heels! These babies smell like sweet bubblegum so strongly you can smell it out the door of the store...  Swoon!
I've just GOT to get myself one of those swans...


  1. I love the black and white chairs with the white wine barrel!

  2. my screen saver is of the roof of thatc afe!
    such a good place. And they do very good cups of tea! ;D. those shops look amazing.

  3. Hi Ashleigh...thanks for finding me. I just popped over to visit your blog and I must say I adore it!!

  4. Sarj, you would LOVE Empire! I, myself hav been eying off those white can't have too many rabbits can you?

    Maia-excellent I shall have tea! The roof is awesome, I'm also rather impressed by the mis-matched chairs and milk crates to sit on, uber-cool!

    Lou, thanks hun, I'm rather smitten with your blog myself :)