Monday, February 8, 2010

First Splanky for 2010...BIG BAND!!!!!

Saturday night was the first "Splanky" for the year.It is held in the very fitting surrounds of Como Primary school, built in 1916. This night was the "live band" night of which we were charmed by the swinging sounds of the Oz Big Band.
Each Splanky has a real community spirit to it, guests are encouraged to bring a plate, drinks are offered on "honesty policy" for the very retro price of $1.00 a can. The swing community is a close-net one, "newbies" are asked to dance by the more experienced and vice versa, everyone is out for a good time.
I even learnt some great new Balboa moves on the floor simply by following...I've only started lessons last Thursday. Leads are lovely and understanding, and often if you still don't get it, whisper "ready step forward, 1, 2, 1, 2..." :)
Looking swanky at the Splanky
Weird angle, we all agreed Paul looks like he's holding carrots!
Mr in Wonderland, channelling Christian Louboutin with his taped shoes!
Russell and I tuck turning, I think, never know with Russ, he's cheeky :)

Amanda cracking up
Mr in Wonderland and myself, FINALLY a photo of us social dancing, very tiredly I might add :)
Something speedy...
Something spin-ny...
It was such a fun night, the band was fantastic, as were the dj'd tunes in between each set. Plus it's always fun to just hang out and be silly!

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