Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Leisurely Lingering by the Lake

Now we have been living in our apartment for a year now and from our balcony we can see a pretty shiny blue lake through the trees...yet have never ventured to see it!
We've only collected Charlie from there many a time...up until we think he had a run in with a fox...he's been terrified of the place ever since!

We decided to finally go for a wander, as there is a little walkway built to get to the water and we see many people walking their dogs each night.

We walked down the driveway with Charlie in tow, all curious and excited. Once we got to the end of the grass to cross the street, he stopped...short...frozen, then decided to watch us safely from behind the neighbours letterbox.

This place is beautiful, you are surrounded by the sounds of water birds as you meander along the decking to find a little gazebo type-thing at the end to simply sit and watch....you'd never know a highway sits on the other side of the bushland, it feels as if your a million miles away from anywhere...
Ahhhh it was a lovely walk, I'm anxious to see it when the water level is higher, and to see if it has that beautiful misty fog in the Winter months.

Mr in Wonderland walked ahead and was greeted by a very relieved Charlie, he said his little heart was racing, probably sick with worry that the foxes might get us!
He ran over to each of us to see if we were alright...which is quite out of character, than his usual saunter :)
Then all wandered over the hill to go home for tea.

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