Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where did February Go?

So I have a bit of catch up to do...can't believe it's March already!...this is what has happened since my last post...

It has been rediculously hot, even being 30+ degrees at night! Though the sunsets have been the prettiest!

We went and had drinks after Thursdays classes at a great new place that has opened on Oxford street in Leederville called Kitsch. The decor is...well, kitsch...and much like our house actually! :)

Not a fabulous photo but that is a big frangipani filled with tealights and many mismatched little stools to sit on beneath it, you can however see the lamps up a ladder to no-where, this place is tre-cute!
We went to our last beginners Balboa class last Thursday, and danced at The Mustang on Friday as part of Perth Lindy Jam. We also had a lovely Swing It picnic in Kings Park.

Most of my time has been working on versions of this lovely little lady and other little ventures, here's my first finished Royal Show Dolly prototype, it appears that you can not sew through hot glue, so my next Dolly shall be complete with the embroidery detailing I envisioned. I have also been making many of these:
Fab felt "cat's eye" glasses, they are actual copies of my "really real" vintage sunglasses that you can see here. I'm playing around with these at the moment, they have sparkly swarovski crystals but I think I want to add a bit more detail. I've got orders already just from wearing them to a staff meeting, so better make it snappy :)

Dolly's name shall be Fanny, out of protest (I heard the other day that they have changed the names of the characters in The Folk of the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton to Frannie, Beth instead of Bessie and Rick instead of Dick, sacrilegious!)
Fanny went out on Monday night, to 'Swinging at the Deen' and then to 'Stomp'! Very impressed with 'Stomp' btw, great venue...even if it was like 'Bikram' Lindy in the heat of the night :)
We got to dance The Jitterbug Stroll with Steven Mitchell, he even sang his song the first time we did it! Steven Mitchell is the man that bought Frankie Manning out of retirement in order to learn Lindy Hop and began the Swing revival, so it was so very cool to have him in Perth, let alone singing and dancing with us. You can see the video of us here...I'm the one fudging through it smack bang in the middle! :)

I have also been receiving and gathering some new treasures...
this old scale from Mr in Wonderland's mummy!
This lovely new (well old) 50's wool blanket, from the op shop for...wait for it, $9! It's even thicker than the one I found for our picnic set.
This HUGE collection of vintage Christmas decorations, SWOON! Over Christmas I was eyeing these off on eBay for our tree...some up to $16 a bauble!
I got this lovely stash at the market all for $10, they are glass and handpainted and speckled from age and simply wonderfully showing signs of their past life!
 These lovely treasures came from Mr in Wonderland's Mummy also, a lovely pair of beaded white gloves and a 1947 Woman and Home magazine... check out the ladies, aren't they lovely! "Just your type of blouse" I'll have that polka dot one, thanks...hmm and perhaps that cute frill white one :)
So there is probably a million and one other things that we've done but the camera died and I always like to let the pictures do most of the talking.

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  1. I can't wait to see the completed Royal Show Dolly girl!