Friday, February 18, 2011

What to wear to deliver papers

I got my new paper round...I have 375 houses to deliver to. Did you know that folding 375 papers and putting three pamplets inside each one before you fold it, takes a bloody long time? well I didn't. I do now!
They delivered them in a big pile downstairs, so instead of hauling them all back upstairs and then lugging them down when they were folded...I bought down a nice cushy 50's wool blanket, a big bottle of water and got stuck into it in the cool (well cooler than out in the weather) of my neighbours parking spot/garage-y thingy (he works away, I had free reign) :)

I was black from head to toe, mostly my hands from folding, but then you get an itch and it was hot and sweaty, so you can imagine, I put newspaper print ink, ALL over myself. :)

It's nice to wander and deliver them though, I look at everyone's garden, eyeing off the pink frangipani trees that I'm going to ask ever-so-politely for a piece...and geraniums. Because it's an area where people most have their houses designed by archetects instead of bought from a plan, it's quite interesting to see what people do with the shape of a block or to fit in a boat, or have built after knocking down two houses. :) There's some very clever designs, it gives me lots of great ideas for when we renovate our old house....when we find it!

So this is what you wear to deliver papers...
Playsuit-bought second hand from the "Thursday Night Swing" stalls formally "The Leedy Hop" for $5!!
Pink belt- Alannah Hill Outlet store $2
Cherry lace Singlet- Just Jeans Outlet Store Harbourtown $5
Pink patent ballet flats- Melville swap meet $3
Art deco style wool fascinator- by me Ashliegh in Wonderland :)
Pfft, haha isn't this the bargain hunters outfit!
Alvin (the neighbour's kitty and Charlie's best friend) wanted in on the photo action.
Oh yeah and I cut off all of hair, gotta get me onto some pin-curl action and make those curls REALLY springy! :)

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