Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome New Year

Yes of late I have fallen off the face of the earth, we've had all sorts of shiz going on, from cancer to circus trapezing. I won't go too much into the bummer stuff, it's been crazy and it's not likely to stop anytime soon. Just know that I'll be posting as often as possible now that we're (kind of) back on track :)

So to catch up....hmm where to start

Our New Years was full of silliness as you would expect. Lots of friends and fun!
This is our set up for outside, loads of big wool blankets, candles, cushions and tissue paper flower decorations.

We played ping pong and because it's just no fun to play by the actual rules, we had beer pong (hence the cups in each corner) and a rule that you had to play with rediculous sight inhibating themed glasses on!

Poppers and sparklers...of which Emma set one of the pom poms on fire by accident which was HILARIOUS! Lucky the blankets are wool :)

A 'Happy New Year' Man Hug

These are the most tame photos of the night as it was pretty silly, the boys did some fabulous podium dancing (hilarious), I made my first batch of jelly shots which were a huge hit, some wang pong and 360 degree pong were invented amongst other rediculous stunts...most of us were staying the night to go to the beach the next day so we let our hair down to ring in the New Year :) It was a night of friends comfort and old fashioned childish games :) 

At the beach the next day...Dan decided to dig a big hole!

Yep a BIG hole!! Funny bugger! :)

So yeah that was our New Years Eve and day...I post about this years Margaret River Swing (dancing) Camp tomorrow :)

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