Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ta DAAAAAA! It Worked!

So after lots of work, the hat worked, beautifully I might add.
This is another way to use my felt flowers for those who are not on the lookout for a giant fabulous bridal bouquet!!!
AND you can see I'm sporting a brand new fringe! I haven't had a fringe like this since I was a youngin', one thing I've noticed however is that no matter how terribly I shove my hair up at the back as long as my fringe is neat I avoid looking "unkept" hehe. I'd like to say that I look all fabulously glamourous whilst working for home, as most people are used to seeing me in a "perfectly thought out matching to the nth degree" ensemble, but I'll be honest and say that I look like a warm and comfortable....well, hobo. Possibly (or usually) sporting something stolen form the comfy wardrobe of Mr in Wonderland. :)
ANYWAY I was able to get a mini "pillbox" hat to work too, that shall be finished you can probably tell, I'm a bit chuffed with myself :) Plus these are soo much fun to make! Now I'm on the search for new felt wool colours, so for the moment I can do BLACK and any other colours you like hehe!

Well I'm off to soak up this sunshine while it lasts :)

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