Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm making a Hat

I am making a fabulous hat! I'm making one of those half hat type of things from the 1940's, one that sits to the side of your head not affecting all your pretty curls :)
This is it drying in the pretty sunshine, FINALLY pretty sunshine, it's SO lovely outside!
It kind of looks like a bonnet, but that bit will be cut off.
To make it you use wool felt, except I've had to use wool blend after every 100% wool roll at Spotlight was ruined and they wouldn't sell me any, even to experiment with.
Then you cut two pieces to size, steam them and stretch it over individually, then I've used fabric stiffener to keep the shape. Apparently you can use hot water also, but I want it to dry quicker, in Summer I might try water.
The felt becomes really malleable, it's a strange sensation after working with dry felt for so long. It just does as it's told, it's quite fun. I think I'll be on the search for different shapes now :)
I do hope that the fabric stiffener dries clear, you'd expect it too but it didn't say on the bottle, just that it is good for stiffening bows, which is good coz I've just taught myself how to make these...
These shall decorate my hat! Or hats, should it work...:)
Then for fun I made these...just to learn how to make them...
So my hat is basking in the sunshine right now and hopefully it will be dry soon so I can play with it...
it is to look something along these lines...
image from here
image from here

Well I'm off to go and check...wish me luck!

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