Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vintage meets Modern Fashion Inspiration

OMG you MUST check out this lovely lady...Lena Hoschek is an Austrian designer influenced by 1940's/ 1950's styles...never have a pair of oxford bags looked so darn HOT!!! I stumbled upon her collection from Berlin Fashion Week photographs and I'm in LOVE!!! She is yet to have stores anywhere near Australia as far as I can tell, but you must admit, her style is pretty inspirational, and seriously perve-worthy for the guys! 
LOVE the hearts on this blouse AND the red ric-rac...
Gotta get myself a paper boy cap...
Love the bow tie plus suspenders look...not to mention I'm a sucker for a red/blue combo!
Images from here
Image from here

Her website is gorgeous, you can check out past collections via movies and photo shoots, here's my favourite's...

Girly lace details with 40's cut blazer.

50's style circle skirt with ribbon detail, love the beret.
40's cut, military style coat

Gingham...the easiest way to do vintage/modern, just add red shoes, or two tones.
The cut of the double breasted coat is stunning...

How sweet is the suspenders and skirt with a victorian collared blouse.

Vest, tie and wool skirt suit combo...LOVE!
Wrist leather gloves, tweed wiggle dress and paper boy cap...ooh lala!

Bow tie and vest...and don't forget the wing-tips.

Love this suit...

40's blouse, high waisted skirt, suspenders and some super hot hair!

50's-esque twin sets

I'm in LOVE with the tassle must watch the way this swishes in the fashion show on her site...

Lolly colours, plus this shot is ADORABLE!!! THIS is why I want our wedding photos in a theme park, how FUN!

And my favourite of ALL of her's sheer with a red bodysuit underneath, that's red rope as a belt, perfect mish mash of vintage meets modern...

I love these photos, I know when I think "ooh lala head-turning vintage style" I always think wiggle dress and high waisted pants and suspenders I usually save for "fun dancing" attire...I'm now looking at my wardrobe with new eyes. AND I know which pictures I'll be sifting through next time I'm getting ready to go out on the town :)



  1. Oh. My. Gawd!!!

    Austria here I come!! These are amazingly beautiful! The space in my wardrobe reserved for Alannah and Vintage has just been pushed aside for Lena!! Seriously!

    Wow. Wow!

  2. Wearing suspenders has become my new obsession. Suspenders look best when worn with high-waisted pants.


  3. this comment is way to late but i must of skipped past this page. love lena's outfits and her style. the high waisted pants and skirts are to die for. the suspenders are my favourite add on. the outfit on the catwalk with the high waist wide leg pants with suspenders is my first pick. i have similar style with the pants but in a light brown and i have the same skirt from cue as you do but the suspenders from that skirt dont suit the pants the best with the colour. struggling to find some suspenders to match is alot harder than i thought.