Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pretty Felt Hats

I've been busy making these pretty felt flower hats/ fascinators...

These are embroidered by hand and have vintage buttons in the centre...
They have an alligator clip and a brooch pin on the back so they can be attached to just about anything, scarves, cushions, jackets, dresses...and of course your head! The clip that is, I don't recommended the pin for your head :)
Now these aren't for the shrinking violet, they are bold and stand out!!! 
Here's a better idea of what I mean...
These will be on Made It and Etsy soon...

or if you want to have one made in your colours, email me at aksparkles7@yahoo.com.au


  1. They are fabulous! Well done - beautiful and creative... and the flowers are pretty good too!


  2. Oooooh, I like those!!! They're looking fab!