Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tsumami Kanzashi Flowers

Now whilst on the very complex search for the right scanning, photocopying, printing, SD plugging-iny downloading things (of which I later found was called a "multi-function printer") I stumbled apon the greatest gadget of them all...
This fabulous little thing is a memory card reader. The wonderful part about it is, the SD card goes straight out of your camera, into the little slot and then plugs right into the USB port completely ruling out the need for me to buy a $200 multi-thingy-me-bob. Apon my smug return to the store I shall be choosing the $50 scanner/printer as this $10 gadget is working a TREAT!

So NOW I can show you the kanzashi flower class...
You start off with little squares of fabric which are starched to stiffen them...then you fold them all up...there is different folds for different flowers. I'll do a tutorial if you'd like! Then pin them all up.
You can have as many petals as you like. You then cut them across where you have pinned them.

Then thread a needle and thread through the bottom middle of each petal, then pull them all together, tie it up and.....

Then you just decorate them with buttons or what-not! I've got mixtures of vintage and modern buttons. You can put them on gifts, hair accessories, brooches, they are very quick to make once you get into the swing of things.
Now these are made out of old scrap material so the folds aren't as precise and are a bit "chunky".

Kanzashi Elsewhere...
Smitten Kitten makes amazing looking flowers out of vintage silk scarves...

So come Australia day, we shall be sitting in girly frocks with big sun hats, bare feet in the grass, fabrics sprawled across the 50's wool blanket (which will double as warmth for watching fireworks!) sipping wine and making pretty blooms for summer hats to winter coats. Lovely!

Current LOVES: fresh pumpkin bread, flicking admiringly through old Cath Kidston catalogues, self taught guitar lessons via Google searching!

Current reading: The 4-hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

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