Sunday, January 31, 2010

To Market, To Market to buy a Fat Pig....

...home again, home again jiggidy jig! You know the story, but no fat pig this time, just made a nice contribution to the saving account...(and took home a few little treasures)!

This weekend was jam-packed! Saturday was filled with errands, and "have-to's"
We had a list and mentally ticked them off...
Mr in Wonderland's blood test to see why he's in La La Land instead of Wonderland :), Drop off our borrowings from Australia Day, Fill clients orders and drop off, wash car, take bike for service to be sold, clean house...the last one we forfeited to go out to lunch instead, well one must reward a job well done!! In the evening we had such a yummy dinner at Mr in Wonderland's Godparents' house, which is always a bit special! The night began with an unexpected swim when one of the (very large) potplants lining the pool decided to go for a dip itself after a strong breeze!
Sunday was the Retro Market held at Sugar Blue Burlesque  
This is my "sad face" saying goodbye to my treasures...if your a collector you'll feel my pain and not think I'm a nutter :) All these things have stories and were wonderful finds, were the "perfect" find for a particular spot in the house, or something I'd wanted for AGES! But tastes change and our living area got we're saving for our Vintage Garden Party Wedding so all these lovely assets are to be sold off to other admirers...
1950's and 60's bits and bobs off to market
Charlie helping by getting underfoot...
The little stall full of goodies
Eating a stash of yummies that Mr in Wonderland brought in for us...
Sugar Blue Burlesque Retro Market
The Burlesque Lounge
267 William St, Northbridge 
Shoppers: $3
Stalls: from $30
held once a month see website:
  • 1920s to 1980s vintage and recycled clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Antiques
  • Retro & novelty costumes
  • Pinup lingerie
  • Frocks and gowns
  • Pasties, fascinators and burlesque merchandise
  • Sewing and crafting supplies, fabric and feathers
  • Swing and rock 'n roll dance gear for men and women
  • Dance shoes
  • Refreshments, retro cupcakes and more!

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