Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fav Tutorials...Vintage hair and Beginners Sewing DIY

Alright I'm onto it, my ears have been flapping and I'm head down, bum up in finding the stuff you've been on the red high-lighted links!

So first thing is the 60's up-do...lovely Miss Hepburn looking fabulous!
The trick with this is to make a "rat" which is either made out of foam or by wrapping a bunch of hair extensions into a hair net to make a ball...I'd love give a "bump-it" a road-test and save a lot of time!
Image from here
Strawberry Koi 
This tutorial is for the 60's up-do. Aya has some great vintage hair tutorials, ranging from "titanic inspired hair", pin-curls, victory rolls to a 60's bouffant!

Casey's Elegant Musings
Casey's tutorials include vintage styles, she also has "the midi" cut which is the perfect hair cut for vintage styling and was the inspiration for me to be brave enough to get my own "long midi". The cut is layered and when unstyled could pass as a modern haircut. When styled is a great length for faux victory rolls, pin-curls and curls STAY in because there is less weight to make them drop :)
The hair cut diagram...
Does some great videos, pin-up hair, pin curls, also how to style the "middy" hair cut!
Iris does many, many, many hair styles plus pin-up style make-up!
Another subject interesting many of you is making your clothing. Now this is a HUGE burn of mine at the moment, also "upcycling" old here's a few that I've been using to get started...

has a great tutorial for how to "upcycle" a t-shirt into a "Petal, ruffle, puff sleeved top"...I made one of these, very easy and oh so very cute!
sparkle power
Ruffle sleeves, now this one is for kiddies but could easily be made bigger and applied to grown ups (big kids)

Free pattern to make pyjamas from vintage sheets...totally cute!

Upcycling t-shirts into puff sleeved, more feminine tops! Great to use up old men's t's from op shops etc! LOVE this one...just when you think that girly vintage means chucking out the t' afternoon on the sewing machine and done...a cute puff sleeved t, tucked into a high waisted skirt...totally cute and great for swing dancing!

Hope this gets you on your way....any more requests lets me know and I'll pull together some more of my favourites! Thanks for the feedback guys!

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