Saturday, January 9, 2010

Goodbye 2009!

Goodbye 2009, as I am one to rarely look back, I wish to do so only to again look forward with more clarity, motivation and determination!! Wow this year was PACKED!!


We made the very emotional decision to move out on our own after living 5 year together in shared housing. We had to learn to live together without Kraig and others as buffers, it's been fun and challenging :)

We got engaged (we'll be having  fantastic engagement party when my Dad is much better, can't have an engagement party without your Pa!)
Here is my vintage's a daisy cluster with a ruby in the centre, the ruby has violet undertones so it looks pinky, which I love!

I went on my very first overseas trip, to Indonesia. We went as a group which was so much more fun.
*We stayed in Poppies II which was right in the middle of everything, hustle bustle and FUN!
*We went white water rafting dressed as things starting with "B" for Sarah's birthday, ('B'irthday, 'B'ali)
*Ate great Indonesian food...hehe and a toasted sandwich because we were hanging for one!
*Had massages every night
*Drank alot (cocktails ofcourse) and Bintang in the pool, walking down the street, oh yeah AND at the pub!
*Pat a tiger, held an urangutan, saw my first hippo, white tigers and piranhas.
*Indulged in buying many hawaiian print pin-up-esque dresses
* REalised that a frightening cab drive in Perth is NOTHING compared to Indonesia, well until you get the hang of it
*Love the Balinese, they are always smiling!

Sarah as a Bumble Bee, Me as Betty Boop and Shasharna as a Bogan

Me and the naughty tiger

Patting a baby elephant

Bumblebee, Betty Boop and Bond (yes that's a full suit) under a water fall!

We went to the Margaret River Wine Festival so watch a tribute to the divas of Jazz, performed by Deni Hines and James Morrison. It was lovely, good company, fine wine and cheeses, ahhhhhhh!

We got a gym membership and started our 15 week plan. I lost 10kgs, toned up and found muscles (and hurt in places before thought impossible)! Mr in Wonderland put on 15kgs of muscle!
Lots of firsts! Started going to bridal expos and whatnot, now definitely realising what we wanted.....and that we weren't going to find it there!
Got called up to do Jury Duty for the first time.
Got my very first blood test to see why I had been constantly very sick...I was terrified (and cried haha) but I had to get better to see my Dad in hospital, sucks having to chat to your sick Dad via text and phonecall when you just want to give him a hug :(
Flooded the house BIG-TIME...had to chuck out a MASSIVE amount of stuff! Learned that IKEA furniture disintergrates when wet....1950's furniture however does NOT, lucky hey? Spent a long time with wet feet....sleeping on the sofa with big fans under our carpet, plastic bags under the furniture...and with holes in our pockets. It's not cheap to flood your house you know! :)
Went to Christopher Howard Breakthrough to Success for the 5th time...(finally) signed up to NLP training WOO HOO!!!
Started with my new coach and got some things moving...
Started Swing Dancing classes...with Swing Zing in Applecross!
Went up into Lindy 2 classes, learnt a great Charleston routine, and some funky new spins and jazz moves.
We went on an adventure to Two Rocks to see the old Atlantis theme park...

Went up to Lindy 3, got to learn some OUTRAGOUSLY fun moves, a dangerous looking dip, some tangling SO much fun!

Crazy crazy Christmas time

I painted this for Mr in Wonderland's Mum for Christmas, in the 2 weeks leading up to Christmas Day...

Love Christmas...we all get a bit silly...

 Lots and lots of learning for 2009....WOW what a BIG year!!!


  1. Such a brilliant year! I'm fizzing with delight that I was able to be a part of it. Huzzah to 2010!

  2. Agreed, awesome year.

    It's been a busy (good busy), doens't feel like it was wasted!.