Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crafts shall Commence

I intend on being very crafty again now that our house is all clean and some-what spacious...firstly tomorrow I am learning to make kanzashi flowers in a class at Red Feathers and a Hula Skirt...which is going to be soooo much fun!
 I've also been on the lookout for some groovy t-shirt options and found this...

from a gorgeous blog called Thornberry she makes the cutest things for her little ones, very inspirational for grown ups (big kids) too! Today I saw a shirt in Ever Forever, with "yo-yo's" down the front in a cream colour with three little pearl beads in the centre, this is soo much cuter, I love the lace, what a cute little touch! Shall get onto doing I have my sister's fabulous "yo-yo maker" and am yet to use it!

On that note, whilst I was shopping on my lunch break, that shirt formentioned was the ONLY thing that I even contemplated buying! Now excuse my rant but WHAT IS UP WITH THE 80'S STUFF!!
I went into shop after shop thinking, wow they're really doing the 80's pitch to all these 90's babies...but it was across the board....even CUE had a wet-look brocade blazer with massive shoulder pads and a corset in shiny gold. THAT'S IT... I threw up in my mouth a little bit as I was surrounded by studded vinyl jackets, stonewash...wait for it...leggings, ruching and mannequins with low side ponytails!

AAAAAHHHHHHH! I even b%$#^ slapped myself to see if I was in a terrible, terrible nightmare! I don't know if it is because I grew up this stirrup pants, leg warmers, bodysuit wearing era, but oh the horror! So as you can guess....NOT A FAN!
So if you LOVE the 80's...just do me a favour, go to the op-shop and adopt a historical piece of the 80's (believe me there are HEAPS of skirts, dresses, jackets that I come across) do not buy a knock off cotton dress for $99.95. Stay true to your era and get a whole wardrobe for $99.95!

On an entirely different note...I have totally been loving this gal for ages. She shares my love of "food clothing" (I especially LOVE jewellery shaped like cakes!)

Her interest in "faux food" stemmed from saving up pocket money to buy "plastic food" know the sort with the plastic egg, steak, bread rolls. Now this may also be where my obsession began...all that time standing in the tea-set eisle at World for Kids, staring admiringly at the 100 piece set of plastic food, counting my $20 out in 50c peices and spending half an hour deciding which set to get..."well this one has the floppy lettuce...which would be great for my burger set and for sandwiches....ooh but this one has a cone with detachable ice-cream" aaah the delemas!

Firstly...isn't she just TOTALLY cute!
Secondly, Must....own...candy....hearts...scarf!!
She has her own shop on eBay and you can check out her website here. Which is also the coolest thing since smiley sliced bread!
Hopefully I can get photos of my kanzashi flower makig tomorrow, stay tuned! x

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