Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Nerdy Shall Inherit the Earth

I have become a more nerdy style creative version of myself this last week or so and have created something that I thought I would never be able to make. The internet really is a wonderful source of information...I found forums and YouTube videos, each time that I came into trouble I found exactly what I needed to complete the next step. I searched and gathered inspiration from all of my favourite blogs and started....then got carried away...and hooray FINISHED!!!! (This is how I complete most things yeah?)
  Each of these pictures, was a normal size, flipped, cut, sized, changed colour...VERY fun, though tedious to begin with. The crazier the pics became, the more fun it became.
So there we have it, certainly far from perfect, but one very bright, fun, Mad Hatter-ish, Mary Poppins-esqe, vintage-y blog header and one very proud ME!!!
Now I'm going to learn to make linked buttons :) Very cool!
The posts will speed up now I'm not using every waking hour studying "How to use Gimp to make a blog header"....I promise! xxx

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