Monday, December 7, 2009

Wonderland Must Go!!!

Ok, so here it is...I have a confession (to myself really, others have known this for a long time) that Wonderland is too full of STUFF! I have been forever telling myself that one day I'll start getting rid of stuff, but then I start and as any collector will understand that the stuff is not "chuck-away-able".
It's too good, it's rare, it's collectable! 
Some goes to the donation bins, but some things I want to pass on to a collector. So I declare here (to remain accountable) that Wonderland MUST go (or at least 2/3's of it). I shall list EVERYTHING that doesn't really have a place, I just liked it...I bought because it's worth more than I bought it for...or things that I already have 2 just like it!
I declare that I shall list (Ebay) at least 2 items per night until it is gone, with you all as a witness, it shall begin TONIGHT!

And just because he's so is Charlie looking so smiley tucked up on "his fort" (the elevated part of the sofa(s) where the arms meet).

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