Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vintage Finds and Fun

This is what I wore to work, check out my trying to be funny Rosie the Riveter pose (impossible I found, to take the original pose whilst holding the camera yourself, hehe). Did you know the very last living model for Rosie the Riveter died January this year, at 85 years of age. She was paid $6 for the picture, which I find somewhat amusing considering ladies nowdays are happy to pay almost a $1000 to replicate the photograph for themselves.

O.K latest news...I got to wear my new swing dancing shoes to class Tuesday night and they are perfect! Also I got put up into the Level 3 class, yay, which was so much fun...but I was so dizzy for the rest of the night, oh so many spins. We perform next Thurday night and have a bit of a drink and a boogie for the Christmas wind up. Oh and Swing Camp (as in the dance not the other sort hehe) is coming up fast, Margaret River wine, chocolate and cheese plus round the clock dancing, ooh can't wait!

Secondly, I have found a new vintage clothing (and bit and bobs) store in Fremantle called Broken Doll Vintage and Retro, I sped down on my lunch break after one of the girls from work told me it existed! It's in Atwell Arcade on Cantonment Street, the arcade near Moulitata's (my favourite). It is a little store but they have quite a good collection of original clothing, great dresses, belts made out of vintage ties, purses and handbags and shoes. I spotted a fab little straw picnic bag with coloured raffia detailing which was ever so cute, and flicked over the price tag, then caught my breath...$85, wow, their rent must be high! I'm not fond of "Retro" at all (in fact, blerk!) so some of their stuff was not my cup of tea, they do have some 50's bits and bobs but I didn't see a lot earlier than that if that's more your thing, like me. Plenty of kitsch however, which is the shizz. Check it out, it's always exciting when a new vintage store comes on the scene.

A new part of Mr in Wonderland's Xmas present arrived today (don't tell him) they are a bit smaller than I expected but they are just the most perfect colours. They are 50's/60's picnic plates or t.v dinner plates, I also have a set of iodised cups in a red leather case that have always been on display and really should be used and a fabulous 50's multi-coloured lambswool blanket that i picked up form the store Red Feathers and a Hula Skirt to go with them. I am on the look-out for an old thermos or one that looks the part and an old metal esky to make up a picnic set, for all of our adventures and a shared interest in eating! It's a fun present we can have together, for wine festivals and watching bands and such.

Look at this blanket, it is so thick and warm too, perfect picnic blanket.
Also i bought new fabric...yesterday I popped in to Red Feathers and a Hula skirt again and found a fabulous piece of bark-cloth and a gorgeous 50's sheer fabric with pink hydrangeas on it...

These will be in a clothing project soon. I also signed up for one of their classes making Tsumami Kanzashi flowers. They look like this...

Image from here  
These will look great in our wedding bouquets, It'll blend in Mr in Wonderland's love of Eastern culture too. I'm just excited that I'm going to know how to make these, they're gorgeous!

Not long not 'till Christmas, in fact today I might dig out some of our decorations and make the place look a bit more "festive"...have fun!!!

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