Friday, December 4, 2009

Dear Santa,

Firstly yes i realise that half my wish list is other people's junk, respectfully Santa that doesn't bother me a bit!

*I'd like some vintage slips in navy or red, or pink....or any colour really other than beige.

                                                                  Image from here
*Tupperware-but only the old PASTELS!!! I think it's from the 60's, it just comes in the best colours! Plus markets, garage sales and ebay are stacked full of the stuff!

                                                                     Image from here
*Alannah Hill gloves-now these are simply delicious and I adore them but they are much too expensive for me too justify buying for myself...even if you find a similar pair, red leather, I will enjoy wearing them on my scooter immensely. Similar pairs...

Image from here                                                                Image from here
*These heels are made out of plastic that smells like bubblegum...hmmm I know. These are like grown up jellies...made by a brand called Melissa designed by Vivienne Westwood, the collection is called Anglomania Lady Dragon or something along those lines. Size 7.5 preferably an 8 :) LOVE them in the blue with red heart...the peach with black heart is a close second.

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*This Alannah Hill bag I have been eyeing off for AGES, though any of her bags are beautiful...second hand only, her new ones in store are overpriced and not nearly as nice as her past collections. Look alikes would be just as nice....think red, pink, bows and frills...too easy!
* Brightly coloured pyrex...casserole dishes, pie dishes, princess bowls. I love the single coloured ones but also have a weakness for dishes with cherries and strawberries.
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*Old copies of Australian Home Journal...with patterns, from the 40's and 50's, the 60's ones are fun to read but leave me with patterns that I want to make but do not have the figure to pull off. Any magazines from the 40's/50's really would be great!

*I love plastic flamingoes...I REALLY want one(or two)of these or even better a 50's CONCRETE one..but they are rare as rocking horse poop so I'll understand if I have to wait till next year

Image from here
*This little necklace comes in white, pale green, pink, pale all honesty I like all of them....

Image from here

*Some vintage buttons would be lovely too...the pretty patterned kind and in beautiful bright glass jars so I can look at them!

                                                        Image from here
Hmm while I'm at it...I'd like tickets to Melbourne, Mr in Wonderland to learn to cook and a payrise....oh that's right your not a genie. :)

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