Thursday, December 17, 2009

Swinging every spare second!

Well I haven't been on top of the whole witing a post every day thing because we've been dancing most of the end of last week and all through this week. Saturday I went to the Club Splanky Christmas Caberet which was a blast and I really should have taken more photographs but here's a couple...

It was loads of fun, the cabaret performances were fantastic. It is run by The Perth Swing Dancing Society, check it out on their website

Monday night we went to a "Jumpin swing night at The Deen" run by
Roger Schmidlin, the man who bought swing to Perth who is a fabulous dancer and all round nice guy.

Tuesday night we did our classes, we do them through Swing Zing, we're getting ready for our performance at the Moocher Meltdown TONIGHT! Sophie's school is run in Fremantle, Applecross and Leederville. A new "swing specials" class is going to be run next year which I'm really excited about with classes in Shim Sham etc, special moves and such, on top of the normal classes.

Wednesday finally got the chance to get on the computer and register for the Swing Camp, aaaaahhhhh excited out of my brain!!! Then Adam and I practised for tonight and then practised some different moves from YouTube, haha obsessed much!

And NOW tonight we are going to the Moocher Meltdown, all the classes are performing a routine they've been putting together for the last few weeks. I will be recording our'll get to see it soon.

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