Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The weather outside is frightful......so I'm off to buy vintage negligee?!!!

So today i had planned to finish painting pots and get the garden all fabulous THEN along came the storm of the century, days ago it was all summery and (really) hot then BOOM, gale force winds and pouring rain...so this project will take longer than expected i think...
On another note...tucked up warm inside, away from the high pitched squeals of the wind and the thud of trees thumping the walls of the apartment.
I've been on the lookout (on-line) for nice pj's for summer with the nights becoming warmer as my collection is looking a little worse for wear. I haven't really taken my love for all things vintage ever into the realm of sleepwear, often because the pieces tend to be a be flashy (in the sense that you flash yourself lol) and up until a little while ago we've always had house-mates. So now that Mr and I live by our "onesies" (Pirates of the Caribbean reference) in Wonderland now begins the search of vintage slips etc instead of a borrowed pair of boxer shorts and a singlets that have passed their "can wear out of the house" expiry date.
Now for the fun part... the treasures!!! The first of my purchases, I'm going through a "peach obsession", so as soon as i saw this i had to have it, I think this may have been the beginning of the pyjama update idea!

This is a 1940's peach satin robe, it has quilted detail and lace, aah and even a heart-shaped pocket, an Ebay splurchase.

Next is what I've bought today, I braved the weather and went to my favourite little Red Cross Shop....
 The beige lace slip $3, the pink broderie anglaise trim pj top, $3, and beat this....the cami in the middle is ALANNAH HILL......drumroll..$5!!!! And it's blue label, the best season in my (and my AH fanatical mum's) opinion. What a score! 

This GORGEOUS 60's robe is quilted all over, only minus one button which I'll replace with the bottom one....$5, I almost fell over. It looks much better on than it does hanging up. Sure it is more "stepford wives" than it is "vintage vixen" but it's so darn cute!

Soo all in all I'd say today was a success in the pj finding department, couple more slips to add to my collection, a super cute pj top and a nice, warm and tremendously kitsch robe to roam around in.
Oh and ofcourse some other treasures I found and couldn't pass up.....

   Some vintage knitting needles in yellow, peach, duck egg blue, sky blue, cherry red and green to add to my collection, at the moment they are sitting like a little bouquet in a vase. Soon they shall be used to knit a cardi or something from one of the patterns from the Australian Home Journals I've been collecting.

The Christmas baubles are so very 60's, I am a bit obsessed at the moment, Ebay has some fab 50's string lights that i am just in love with, I'm not so sure about plugging in electrical devices that are almost 60 years old however. I have already flooded the apartment this year with a 60's twin tub, do NOT wish to add setting it alight with 50's lights :) I want a set that I could pull the plastic covers off and stick onto a new (more reliable) set of lights.
Lastly the pink plastic plate...i bought because it's plastic and PINK oh yeah, and only 50c, it'll be good for sorting my vintage buttons whilst sewing...

Anywho...I'm off to buy tea and sugar, I have some dress patterns from the 1940's and 1950's to cut out and it just can not happen without TEA!


  1. you are rediculously adorable and this website is so PRETTY and cute and lovely! I had so much fun wandering through your little garden of ideas! i CANNOT belive your apartment! Tammy xoxo