Saturday, November 21, 2009

Progress in the 50-esque garden...PAINTING!!!

Above is the start to 50's-ing up the garden.
The pots are terracotta painted with a brush and water-based enamel in pale blue (a "mis-tint" from Bunnings, yay.)
They now house all the cuttings of Geraniums and Palargoniums...some from friends, some from Nanna, some from walking...cough cough snap woops, best not to waste the broken bit, I shall plant it...I only do that if the plant is in somewhere commercial of course :). I keep telling myself that I will knock on the door of houses we drive past when I find one that I haven't got yet, I suppose I will one day...

Spray painting the pots from our "Bali inspired" garden...We came back from Bali and I was all inspired to create a Balinese tropical garden...what was i thinking, it doesn't go with anything in the house, plus the balcony comes off the main living area so it kinda has to match yeah?  So the bronze, deep blue, deep green pots are now going to be pastel blue, pastel green, pink and red....basically the colours of the harlequin cannister set on the kitchenette, because they are my favourites.
 Glazed pots take to being spray painted really well, with terracotta it is best to use a brush.

Oh yeah AND I have painted the drawers to the sofa table, it wasn't quite meeting the 50's-esqe criteria so I used inspiration from a recently purchased 50's table to give it a makeover. I'll put a photo of the 50's table when my spare room doesn't look like a bomb has hit it :)
Here's the sofa table with it's new "shabby" drawers, I'm not usually a huge fan of "the distressed look" but this area of the apartment was looking too new and it needed to be "roughed up" a bit. I love baby blue and red together, and bashing it up was kinda fun too!!! I used the bottom of the paint can to dent into the wood a little bit and sandpaper plus a pair of scissors to scrape and scratch. Mr in Wonderland says that they still need some more scratching around the handles as if they've been opened and shut over 60 years of use...quite clever attention to detail there I thought. Those vases used to be green, they got the spray painted treatment too,they look like they've always been blue.
Now I'm just on the lookout for some chrome "boomerang" handles or some red bakelite ones to finish it's fabulousness...


  1. Oooh those pots look fab! I love that color blue, if I had my way, everything in my house would be pastel blue and pastel pink=P.

  2. Ahhh your request is just a couple of spray cans away...just decide one Sunday morning and paint everything you I do hehe! Though I am still yet to find a PASTEL pink spray can...there's a place in Perth city that sells "Urban Art" (graffiti) spray cans in all sorts of colours, I bet they have a good pink! I'll have to do a road test me thinks!