Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eating Good Stuff and Fitting Nanny's Dresses

So for a little while now we've been eating "Paleo" style. Which means no wheat, legumes, dairy, rice, preservatives or sugar. In a nutshell the theory is that our bodies have only ever evolved to the point where they can digest the findings of a hunter/ gatherer lifestyle, not the "faux foods" that we put in our bodies that cause it to well, be unhealthy or at least on run at its optimum level. So far it's been awesome. We both have A LOT more energy, sleep better, are relaxed or deal with stress (both physically and mentally) with great results. AND the other day when I walked past Hungry Jacks (or Burger King depending on where you're from) the smell that used to make me want a chicken burger so badly I could sell my soul...made me want to be sick! Hooray! Good body! :)
Now we decided to do this based on Tim Ferris's blog post...
and we did some more research of our own.
It was to be an experiment but we both feel so good...Mr in Wonderland has achieved better performance in the gym, I lost 5kgs in just over the first week and don't retain water, plus PMS mood swings, GONE! and this is just the beginning...I think it will be staying :)

The food takes some thought but it is really yummy, lots of fruit and veg...I think fruit is under-rated in the "lollies of nature" department! I made strawberry sorbet that was to-die-for, stuffed chicken with basil off our bush and almonds, made salad dressings with tahini, lime and and mustard...oh-so good! We've eaten LOTS of eggs, plus eggs hold together all sorts of vege concoctions :) Coconut has been interesting, we ate a concoction of "coconut veges" which Mr in Wonderland said was like a "Vege Summer Roll" hehe but wow was it tasty! We've just had to get creative and it has been fun. When you go shopping and have to read the labels, it makes you realise how much crap is in everything, it's kind of scary to think of how much your poor liver has to work through before it even gets to doing it's "proper job".

Here's my first "Almond Milk" creation, 1 cup almonds to three parts water and then you sift's yummy and VERY good in chai!
It tastes like almonds, funnily enough, but it's creamy and milky, much like cows milk. Plus you can cook with it too.

And I can also fit into my Great Grandmother's dresses that were passed on to me. The blue one has only ever fit after I had been sick for a week and even then only just, the brown one has never been able to be zipped up. My Nanny Bena was very little. I still think I'm a bit bigger than she was in the boob and butt department, but luckily the dresses are a little forgiving...Check this out..........................
Cool huh! Pretty chuffed about that! Especially as Ashliegh in Wonderland will have a 50's styled photo shoot next week, VERY excited! I've been sewing some 50's skirts and preparing and performing at the Vintage Vixens and Vamps Market...I'll show you once there's pictures in rotation as I didn't take any :( So yeah that's sorta life up to date. I'll show you the cool stuff soon!! :)


  1. Ash this is a great post!!! and you suit that style of dress so much!! they are so individual and stunning!!! Good job!! xxxx