Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ashliegh in Wonderland Photo Shoot

AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I am ecstatic!

Today I had a stall at the Retro Market today which was fun and I met lots of really lovely hats are getting a great response and I love hearing everyone's feedback so I know what to get stuck into for the coming weeks, one lovely lass spoke of her wedding theme and wanted a custom bouquet and bridemaid's headbands...without revealing too much of her plans, it sounds like her "big day" will be so quirky and awesome...I LOVE a non-traditional wedding, it excites me to bits!!! But as much as I love the stalls, phwoar I was tired, I slumped into my little "sofa-y computer-nook" for some much needed veg-ing, clicked on Facebook and....

Squealed with delight!!! The very lovely Dabs of Dabelyn Photography had already put up some "Sneak Peek" photos of our shoot. To say I'm thrilled to no end is entirely an understatement...there is now way to describe how I feel seeing these turn out SO well. Apart from being utterly exhausted from the 16 hour days preparing, leading up to the shoot...there's a magnitude of pride looking at all my work and a huge door of possibility opening because is all seems real now! Lauren and Nicole were just so much fun and awesome, rocking up dolled to the nines, half their wardrobe in arms and ready to be pretty (and silly)!
We gave a wedding in Hyde Park and anyone driving down Vincent street a peep show as we swapped and changed between frocks co-ordinating with a giant box full of hats! It was great fun! I know that most designers don't get in on the action when it comes to promo shoots, but F it, it's my label! :)
Be sure to check out the rest of the pics and click the "like" button on Facebook Dabelyn Photography and also Ashliegh in Wonderland if you haven't already to see updates.

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