Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Promise List

This is MY Promise List, only because "goal" has this stigma attached to it that these are things that you will do "one day" and forever justify why you have not achieved them. I will add to this list as I remember them and come up with new ones. This is a very big thing for someone to reveal...their most deepest hopes and desires, so play nice :)

1) To hire (and perhaps one day own) a red bicycle built for two, for picnics and such with Mr in Wonderland.

2) Own an EK or FC Holden and do it up, "Cherry-Apple Red" and "Duck Egg" blue are my favourite colours of choice but the idea of cruisin' around in a pretty pale pink one also makes my heart SWOON!

3) Live in another city in Australia

4) Own a set of Art Deco flats, I've gushed over those beauties down Stirling Hwy since I was a kid. I'd always envisioned a bunch of friends having one each and parties in a common area :)

5) Sing in a band professionally, preferably something vintage-esque

6) Learn solo Charleston

7) Learn to play the blues harmonica properly, other than "Row, row, row your boat" which I've mastered but is thoroughly unimpressive!

8) Complete certificate III in Millinery Construction and Design also Diploma of textile and fashion design

9) Train at WAAPA

10) Relearn to read music

11) Own my own business with a system capable of being managed for a only a few hours a week, from anywhere in the world.

12) Eat from my own vege patch, generate most of our homes electricity through solar energy and collect rain water.

13) Get married to Mr in Wonderland, garden wedding, lots of dancing and lots of fun.

14) Drive around Australia with a fun group of friends in a camper van

15) Go to all the theme parks on the Gold Coast

16) Own a big pretty fish pond

17) Build a "dressing room"-one large room, lit beautifully, one wall for me, the other for Mr in Wonderland a big pouffe in the middle to sit to put on shoes and to sit and chat while the other gets ready.

18) A house with a bath, his and her's shower heads, stays hot and has great water pressure.

19) A beautiful garden to potter in and for Charlie to snooze.

20) A studio, clear, organised and flooded with natural light

21) Do up a 1950's caravan, inside and out to it's original condition, preferably to match my fabulous FC Holden

22) Ride a jet ski

23) Build a snowman-I've never seen snow

24) Para sail and hang-glide

25) Replace our old girl Kelvinator with a pink or baby blue 50's style Smeg fridge, with the separate freezer, not the one with the "ice-box" or we may aswell keep the old girl, (may have to keep old girl as a bar fridge as she has been such a good egg I may not be able to part with her)

26) Sew my own clothes from vintage patterns and learn to draft  my own patterns


  1. DUUUUDE! Number 14 and 15? Me me me me me!

  2. It would be awesome!!!

    Ash forgot 1 though...

    to treat mr in wonderland like a king. woop woop

  3. Adam hun, perhaps you should take care of treating Mr in Wonderland like a king, seeing as you have such a crush on him :)

  4. 13 and 14 are my two favourites!!! Put me down for both! (Not that I'm planning on marrying Mr In Wonderland too... just so we're clear on that...)