Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Disney Birthday Party

Wow April has been flat tack!
Finally I'll get around to writing a post about my birthday party...which was AWESOME!!! If you can imagine guests dancing Blues, Lindy-Hop, Salsa and Balboa dressed as characters from Disney films to Disney tunes, your there!

I really do have the best friends in the whole wide world...every one of them went to so much effort for their costume, bought "6 yr old themed" party food and even helped clean up afterwards...just LOVE you guys your TOPS!

I even got to have a birthday dance which was hilarious and so much fun... if you are unfamiliar with the concept a "birthday dance" being different from any other, I'll explain. Birthday girls and boys stand in the middle of a circle and begin to dance with a partner, others from the circle proceed to "steal" the dance and thus the game begins....SOOOO much fun! 

My face hurt from smiling all night, you seriously are a bunch of silly buggers, I love it! 

Hard to forget...
Robbie- "I can see your giiiiiiineeeee!" just as the music went quiet! Aimed at Shannan and Asseel dancing Salsa.
The chairs lined up along the pool with a leg over the edge....just waiting...wish he'd sat down :(
Robbie getting "Buffaloed" with a whole teapot of red wine...
My ears BLEEDING from Sing Star, who's stupid idea was THAT! :)

Lumiere, Esmerelda, Mad Hatters, Aladdin, Mighty Ducks, Alice, The Sultan from Aladdin
Tigger, Minnie Mouse, The Animators
Jessie and Woody, Snow White, The Slinky Dog, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck.
Tinkerbell, Mulan, Cinderella...
and of course the inevitable GROUP shot!!!!
Big thankyous go to Mr in Wonderland for organising everything and setting it up while I was working <3, Jon-For lending us his house for a spectacular venue, Katelyn, who couldn't actually come but drew all the disney pictures to decorate and provided all the Disney tunes, Emma- for creating the most magnificent polka dotted cake I've ever seen (and tasted), Trev and Shane for providing the yummy bottle of red wine I devoured throughout the night, Asseel and Dan for doing dishes and cleaning up (smack you! but it was appreciated immensely whilst hungover the next day), Fi for the awesome "6 year old" badge she made for me to wear, Paulie and Russ for yummy treats, Greg for the fabulous brownies, Kat and Aileen for singing Disney tunes with me so I wouldn't look like an arse, those of you who belted out Sing Star tunes, and everybody for making me have the BEST DIsney party by rocking up the some of the most fantastic costumes I have ever seen!!! Now that's why I cried during my speech, because I thought of all the hard work you guys had put into making my big day special...xxx! Love you guys!

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