Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Showers

Well I have many a thing to report, well seeing as it has been a rather long gap between catch up's you would hope so...

Every time I have started to write it has come out well, grumpy and I then delete, awaiting a time when I will obviously be in a better frame of mind...hehe it's been a while. I'm putting it down to stress...because I just don't know how to stop and do nothing!
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Firstly I'm rather proud of myself for finally applying for a job working in vintage fashion, AND being successful, hooray! I'm now working at Winifred and Bance in the Fremantle Markets on a Saturday. I started last week and had a ball. Come down and have a look, her selection is gorgeous and reasonably priced with a gorgeous frock ranging from $65/$75 in immaculate condition. You walk through the entrance from Sail and Anchor, turn left and you'll find it in behind the "man that prints T-shirts" and "the lady who sells socks" and next to the $2 shop...keep looking if you have trouble, it's well worth it!

Another thing is that I turned a year older and was doing "how did I end up here?" in a BIG way!
Mostly because the job that was supposed to pay the bills for a year before I went to university became a 7 year career. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do...I just kind of felt like I'd let my dreams down a bit. Singing, dancing and acting on stage (I wanted to do musical theatre) is not a huge leap from working with children, I like that silliness, especially when you get new babies that look at you as if to say "hey, I like you, your bonkers!". Plus there is something truly satisfying about teaching in the most fun ways you can think of, and having them "get it".

So now that I have fulfilled by passion for vintage fashion I now have to fill my singing void. Thinking of this has also got me a bit bummed as something has happened to it, the doctor said it may just be allergies(which I've never, ever had before) stopping my vocal chords from moving properly, gross really. NEXT he said it may also be nodules of which they can't tell without sticking a tube down my throat which sounds oh SO pleasant! Lets just hope the antihistamines work and my voice comes back because that just sounds all around shite!

On a more exciting note Hullabaloo is in 9 days or something, which is going to be SO much fun...I've got leave all organised so that's a load off. Only bother is that I have one very frilly dress to finish, which btw looks NOTHING like my original design, now looks kinda like this..
The gorgeous black dress arrived and didn't quite fit and I really couldn't be bothered doing a "you alter yourself to fit Vera" for a dress that wasn't really me, plus this is the idea that I REALLY wanted to go with but for a very unfamiliar moment thought that I had better "go with the grain" and choose something Old Hollywood 30's/40's-esque. I looked terrible and to be honest I'm just too short and hourglass shaped to look fabulous in a dress made for a girl on rations :) Here's progress...

Now just ignore the tulle around the neck that's just there because it was hanging down and naughty Charlie-cat was trying to eat it!

My birthday party was "oh my god!" awesome...but I shall leave the elaborating on that for my next post...

Lastly the end of this month is the beginning of my N.L.P training which shall see to the end of all this confusion and get some more things happening, as it is conveniently named "Design Your Destiny", (or has now been changed to "Rich Heart, Healthy Mind", which I think sounds wanky so I'm sticking with the old one) it couldn't have come at a better time.Hopefully it can put me back on track and give me the motivation to study for my Results Certification and Master Results Certification as the year is flying by and it will be June before we know it.

Now I shall be using every waking hour to make tulle frills, wish me luck...xxx

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