Thursday, November 11, 2010

Swinging at the Zoo

On Sunday we went to the zoo to dance to a big band for Grandparents Day.
Whao Nelly was it very warm for dancing even so early in the morning...then we had a wander and looked at the animals...btw springtime at the zoo makes for a rather R rated experience :)
Story of the the lion enclosure there is two male lions and a lioness...the lioness makes her way over to the boys to get their attention she nuzzles in, the lion gets up and well, we'll say, "cracks onto" the other male lion...the lioness sulks off and sits by the window. Gives new meaning to "Pride" hehe!

 Channelling Mary Poppins...LOVE this new mini boater lovely sister Erin bought it for me.
 Dancing with Greg
 Hehe Jake fell asleep he was so exhausted...meanies!

 Chris and Sophie dancing in front of the HUGE stage
 Jon and I doing switches, you can see the swishing tail on my vintage dress
 The crew being shady :)
Jake and Leah swinging out
Nicole and Paul cranking the fancy moves
Kat and moves in fluro boardshorts haha!

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