Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Headbands

Many have asked if I could make headbands similar to hats, all flowery and perdy! So taking on the challenge, I've come up with these...aren't they bright and fabulous. I've made two black and white and two  in a nautical red, blue and white...all different ofcourse!
I am SOOOOO much in love with these, it's going to be very sad to part with them

I'll have a stall at the "Leedy Hop Live" this Thursday night. Come down to listen to the KYSB Big Band, have a dance or watch the dancing (swing is just as much fun to watch), $10 entry or $5 if you take a class with SwingZing
Classes from 7-9, band begins 9-11pm, at the Yugal Club, 288 Oxford St Leederville Perth

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